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The Care & Share program is one way we all work together to support ministries beyond our own parish and neighbourhood.  Every 2 years, we support a particular ministry through voluntary contributions and our prayers.

This year's ministry is Urban Aboriginal Ministry (UAM).  UAM reaches out to First Nations people from across Canada who are here in Vancouver.  For a variety of reasons these individuals are often disconnected from their extended families and communities with no one to reach out to when they need help.  UAM aims to provide a space to meet the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual needs of each individual in a personalized way.  This may include helping people to reconnect with their cultural heritage and native spirituality (feasts, sweat lodges, ceremonial prayers and dances, etc) and helping people find and connect to the resources they need, such as housing and social services.

Please consider a donation to UAM, and hold this important ministry in your prayers.